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Fossil Power Systems Inc. (FPS) has been supplying control systems since the company was started over 20 years ago, and was the first company in Canada to engineer and supply Burner Management Systems (BMS) with Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC), which are now the preferred industry standard. Similarly, FPS was one of the first to engineer and supply PLC based Sootblower systems; initially, these systems were either controlled by stepper switches or proprietary microprocessor based systems.

Combining in-house manufactured products with a solid understanding of the steam/electric power industry and its processes, has made FPS a major supplier of Plantwide Control Systems for utility and industrial boilers, as well as other industrial applications. Leading edge technology is employed in our system packaging, ensuring portability of software and extending product life well into the future. FPS control systems are fully supported and upwardly compatible and they can be seamlessly integrated into current plant automation.

Optional operator workstations combine an open architecture with the robust Microsoft Windows™ operating system to create a powerful graphic control interface. Enhanced quality and utility are available through custom graphics and operator consoles.

FPS’s Control Engineers have a constant involvement in system design, from the proposal stage through to the commissioning stage. Typically a project team will have full responsibility for the system and the products, and will be dedicated to the project through onsite completion. By having the same engineers involved in all facets of the system integration, we maintain a consistency and responsibility such that ensures customer satisfaction. This approach also allows FPS to maintain an efficient and cost effective method of handling projects. This strategy, along with the flexibility in pricing our own products, has allowed us to continually provide customers with competitive pricing for a superior product. The efficiency and flexibility of our company has also given FPS a distinct advantage over our competitors, by allowing us to supply complete systems with significantly shorter turnaround times.

The following are some of the standard features of all FPS engineered systems:

Factory Check Out
Every control system is thoroughly simulated by a control systems engineer before it is shipped. Adequate notices of simulation dates are provided to the customer ensuring that their personnel can witness and/or take part in these tests. The system is subject to an extensive burn-in period prior to shipment. Rigorous testing and burn in eliminates start-up "surprises" and delays.

System Approvals
Because of our experience and our willingness to work with many different approval agencies, we have earned a reputation of putting the customer’s interest foremost, and of supplying systems that are easily approved by customer specific agencies. We have formed close relationships with many of the large approval and insurance agencies in the industry, and we are more than willing to accept the responsibility of acquiring all necessary system approvals, prior to turning systems over to the customer.

Drawings & Literature - Complete Documentation
A set of instruction manuals, prepared by our technical authors, will accompany each system; The manuals are written in a very comprehensive manner that elicits attention. Each manual contains a description of the operation of the control system and supplied equipment as well as a complete set of reduced engineering drawings and information on other important manufacturer's components.

Service, Maintenance, and Spare Parts
FPS systems are designed using a minimum number of different module types; thus, minimizing the spares requirement. The company provides a recommended spare parts list and detailed repair instructions with each system. FPS engineers and service personnel are always available and ready to provide the client with help when and wherever needed; Control system maintenance is minimal and is generally restricted to adjustment of a field device.

Installation, Commissioning, and Training
FPS representatives can be made available at the plant site throughout this important phase to instruct the installation contractors on standard or alternate arrangements in for all related equipment. FPS’s site personnel perform an on-site inspection of all field wiring, and after approval is given the entire system is powered via a pre-determined program. Fossil's service/commissioning group will then proceed with commissioning, and all necessary training programs. Each project is engineered and designed by a team dedicated to the project; simulated and tested prior to shipment by the test team.




Plantwide Control Systems
, covering all aspects of Industrial Automation Control, are engineered, designed and manufactured by Fossil Power Systems Inc. Depending on the application, these can include, but are not limited to:

• Distributed Control Systems (DCS)

• Burner Management Systems (BMS)

• Fuel Safety Systems (FSS)

• Boiler Modulating Control (BMC)

• Combustion Control Systems

• Boiler/Turbine Coordinated Control

• Turbine Performance Monitoring

• Turbine Run-up

• Turbine Water Ingress Prevention

• Balance of Plant Systems (BOP)

• Sootblower Control

• Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)

• Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

• Other Process Control Systems


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Plant-Wide Control Systems

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