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Large Boilers such as those used in conjunction with steam turbines for electric power generation, are fired by fuels such as coal, oil or gas. Auxiliary support burners and/or ignitors are typically associated with each of the main burners. Flame scanners are required to monitor the boiler fires in order to detect the presence or absence of flame in a specific burner or boiler region. If flames are extinguished in a particular region of the boiler, then a no flame condition must be quickly identified.

Fossil Power Systems Inc. (FPS) has developed a complete line of flame scanners which can be used in scanning all types of fuels in all types of industrial applications. An FPS flame scanner can be used to reliably verify the presence or absence of flame associated with a particular burner or ignitor in a boiler (or with a particular level of burners in tangentially fired units).



Spectrum VIR VI and Fiber Optic
- Employs DSP spectral analysis for flame recognition.
- Capable of scanning the visible, IR, and UV spectrums.
- Windows based configuration software.
- Suitable for all applications.

Spectrum UV
- Standalone UV flame detectors.
- Suitable for gas fired applications and gas/oil fired package boilers.

SunSpot II
- Ionization type detector for oil and gas ignitors.
- Reliable and cost effective means of scanning ignitor flames.



Spectrum Family
Spectrum Family
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