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Aquarian Overview

Fossil Aquarian Water Detection Products and Systems continue to set the standard whereby all others are judged for accurate and reliable measurement of Boiler Drum Water Level, Feedwater Heater Level and Alarming, Drain-Pot Level and Alarming, and other applications pertaining to water detection. They are an economical and reliable alternative to float level switches.

Fossil's Aquarian products can no longer be purchased through Yarway™. For almost two decades, Yarway™ Corporation of Blue Bell, PA. had been granted exclusive worldwide marketing and distribution rights for the Fossil designed and manufactured Aquarian drum level product line. Due to changing business conditions and ownership of Yarway™, the Aquarian product line is now sold directly by Fossil and through certified agents only.

The Water Detection Probe and associated verification technique employed in the Aquarian water level detection system operate via the following principles:

Verification of the presence of water is based on measuring the difference in resistance between high purity water and steam. They form a resistivity cell, which is then compared with a known reference resistor to form a resistor divider network. A distinction is made between steam and water by the Detection and Verification (D&V) unit. The D&V unit measures the returning signal from the probe enabling it to differentiate between "water" and "steam" and output the appropriate indication. Each probe has a dedicated D&V electronic circuit, ensuring that a probe circuit failure is limited to the offending probe, eliminating any affect on the overall operation of the Aquarian.

Electroplating of the probe is prevented by using a symmetrical source current wave.

System diagnostics perform an ongoing continuity check of the wire to the probe. Optionally, two wires per probe may be used to ensure the integrity of the connection of the probes to the D&V.


Key Features:

• All Aquarian probes are vacuum brazed

• Swagelok metal-to-metal seal of Aquarian probe ensures leak proof installation in column

• Over 4,000 FST designed and built Aquarian systems installed worldwide

• More than 60,000 Water Detection Probes operating reliably in extreme environments

• Fossil stocks genuine Aquarian (OEM) replacement parts at our manufacturing facility


Download a PDF version of Aquarian's Warranty and Technical Information:
Warranty and Technical Information

Download a PDF version of our Aquarian Product Comparison:
Aquarian Product Comparison

Typical Applications for Aquarian Products:

• Power Boiler Steam Drum Visual Level Gauge

• Power Boiler Steam Drum Electronic Level Gauge

• Steam Drum Level Gauges for Hazardous Locations

• Feedwater Heater Electronic Level Switches

• Turbine Water Induction Protection (TWIP)

• Combined Cycle Power Plant Visual Level Gauges for HRSG Applications

• Hot well alarms

• Blow-down flash tank alarm

• Condensate Detection in High Temperature Air Systems

• Generator Coolant Liquid Level

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