CO2 Emissions Reduction


FPS is committed to the environmental sustainability of the energy industry.

Since 2010, FPS has completed a total of 52 natural gas conversions on boilers in North America, 21 “coal to gas” and 31 “oil to gas”.

This has resulted in an annual reduction of CO2 emissions of more than 13 million tons, as well as a very significant reduction in NOx and mercury pollution. In addition to the environmental benefits, these projects have also provided energy producers with a life extension to their existing assets and increased reliability and safety, meaning that this has been achieved with little to no impact to the cost of energy to consumers.

FPS has completed many turnkey gas conversion projects, and is capable of managing all aspects of the project beginning with the gas pipeline. Our project team will provide the detailed design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of the following:

  • The entire gas delivery system from the pipeline takeoff through to the firing equipment.
  • All required boiler modifications, including burners, igniters, flame scanners, as well as any modifications to the air systems or pressure parts.
  • All required controls modifications to the burner management system (BMS) and combustion control system.
  • All project permitting and approvals.

In addition to boiler conversions, FPS also has experience with hydroelectric upgrade projects and both new and upgrade projects associated with gas turbines.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you meet your environmental targets.


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