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Voodoo Small ImageModule, Dual/Tri-Color Scanner Head

When FPS released the Spectrum VIR 6 flame detector in 1994, industrial flame scanning was improved immensely, which allowed an improvement in the safety and reliability of fuel fired boilers. The patented use of digital signal processing to evaluate flame spectra transformed the industry.

This technology has since been copied and now forms the design basis for every advanced optical flame detector. But until now, no one has been able to improve upon the performance of the VIR 6.

As the worldwide leader in flame scanning since 1982, FPS revolutionizes the industry once again with the release of the Voodoo M1, an industrial flame scanner with smart phone connectivity.

Each flame scanning application is inherently unique due to differences in the boiler or heater, burner layout, and fuel types. With its ability to independently monitor and evaluate the signals from three flame spectra (visible, infrared and ultraviolet), the Voodoo M1 can be effectively implemented on any industrial application.

The Voodoo M1 provides simplified configuration and tuning, improved diagnostics, and a third-party certified SIL 2 rating.

Like all of our products, the Voodoo M1 flame scanner is designed, manufactured and tested in our factory in Nova Scotia, Canada. All FPS products are backed by outstanding customer service, and more than thirty-five years of quality, integrity and field experience.


3 Flame Scanners Small ImageSpectrum Family of Flame Scanners

Since 1994, the Spectrum VIR 6 flame scanner has been the industry leader, with more than 10,000 scanners installed worldwide.

The Spectrum VIR 6 is available in direct-sighted and fiber-optic models, and can scan flames from all fuels with its visible, infrared and ultraviolet cell capability. Windows-based tuning software and expert assistance from FPS product engineers ensure that this has been the best performing scanner in the marketplace for more than twenty years.



FPS UV Flame Scanners are designed specifically for propane or natural gas fired boilers. It uses an ultraviolet tube for highly reliable flame scanning and discrimination.

The compact design is also well suited for dual fuel (oil/gas) single burner “package boilers”.

This flame scanner can be installed within a NEMA 4X junction box suitable for burner front mounting, or as an integral component of a control cabinet.

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