Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI)

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Aquarian Magnetic Level Indicator Small Image

The Aquarian 4000 Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI) is a new approach to level measurement. The MLI provides a totally leak-proof, non-invasive method to measure level. This is especially advantageous when process fluids are dangerous or flammable. The isolation of the indicator from the process fluid also limits the amount of regular maintenance required for the indicator.

Each float is specifically designed to function in the specific gravity (S.G.) of the process fluid present, providing accurate level readings.


The Magnetic Level Indicator uses a non-magnetic float with an internal magnetic that is coupled to the magnetic two-colour indicator flags. The float is enclosed within a 316 stainless steel pipe chamber that is connected to the process vessel. The flags are held in an aluminum frame within a sealed polycarbonate extrusion. As the process fluid rises or lowers, the flags rotate to indicate the fluid level.

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