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Single Probe Small ImageSingle Probe Alarm Module

The Single Probe Alarm Module (SPAM) is an accurate and reliable instrument that provides positive indication of steam or water in high temperature and pressure applications. The SPAM measures resistance and reports the presence of either steam or water, based on fluid conductivity. The probe can be mounted in a column or a 1-½” Tee. The Swagelok® metal to metal seal assures a leak proof installation with no moving parts and the SPAM is an effective electronic replacement for mechanical float switches. The electronic unit can be conveniently located up to 65 feet away from the probe with low conductivity water and 500 feet away with high conductivity water. Two Form-C contacts provide relay outputs for control circuits. LEDs indicate “WATER” or “STEAM” and a third LED flashes for “POWER/CLOCK”, to show that power is present and the clock is properly functioning.


Aquarian 1000 Plus Small ImageAquarian 1000Plus

The Aquarian 1000Plus is configured with 1 to 4 independent probe channels, redundant power supplies, continuity, level fault monitoring and optional 4-20mA output. Each level relay output is rated at 5A which enables this system to serve as a trip, alarm or on-off control device.

Measuring the difference in resistance between high purity water and steam, the Aquarian 1000Plus is commonly used on Feedwater Heaters, Piping and Drains, Main Steam header drains, Hot/Cold Reheat drains and main boiler high/low alarm/trip.

The failure mode of this system makes the Aquarian 1000Plus very popular on Turbine Drain Systems for Turbine Water Induction Protection (TWIP).


Aquarian 3000 Mini Small ImageAquarian 3000Mini

The Aquarian 3000Mini is a multi-probe system with solid state electronics in a stainless steel enclosure, capable of operating up to three two color remote displays, customized for the number of probes and their locations. Applications for the Aquarian 3000Mini include: Boiler steam drum, Feedwater Heater and Deaereator. Standard features: redundant power supplies, clock fault detection of the ±5VDC circuit, three way adjustment for water conductivity, 10A power relays for level fault, 10A power relay contact output for electronic fault.



AQUARIAN Electronic Level Small ImageAquarian Electronic Level Indicator

Aquarian electronic level products, were specifically designed to meet the industry’s growing needs & demand for a reliable, cost effective and versatile means of sensing water levels in a variety of high and low pressure applications. By passing a square wave ±5VDC voltage through the network and processing the resulting signal, a distinction between steam and water is made, even in water conductivities as low as 0.5 micromho.



AQUARIAN PROBE Small ImageAquarian Probe

The Aquarian Probe is the Industry’s choice. This Swaged style high pressure brazed probe does not require gaskets for sealing and offers a 2 year warranty with a 5 to 10 year life span. Rated for 3000psi @1200ºF the probe is designed to prevent water wicking. Each Aquarian probe is 100% Nitrogen gas tested and hydro tested to 6000psi.


Certifications Hor.Small Image




Aquarian 3000 Visual Bi-Color Water Level Gauge Small Image

The Aquarian 3000 Visual Bi-Color Water Level Gauge is rated to 3000psi (207Bar) and produces a red/green image to indicate the water level in a high pressure steam drum.

With a one piece trapezoidal shape body, light projected through steam produces a red image. Light projected through water is refracted and produces a green image.

Viewable from wide angles, the solid state LED Illuminator provides a clear red/green image and offers a 10 year maintenance free service life. Two discs of premium V-1 quality mica protect and extend the glass life and the Belleville washers eliminate hot re-torqueing. With nipple ends or flanged connections, this gauge fulfills the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

The standard features of this high performance gauge reduce plant maintenance and the total cost of operation. Optional Intrinsic Safety Protection and Explosion Proof Protection is available to meet hazardous area classification requirements.



650R Reflex Gauge Small Image650R Reflex Gauge

Aquarian 650R Reflex Gauge (SPAM) is an accurate and reliable instrument that provides positive indication of steam or water in high temperature and pressure applications. The SPAM measures resistance is rated for 650psi (350psi/24 Bar for steam) and provides excellent visibility of liquid level. Light refracting grooves in the glass cause the liquid to appear black and steam to appear white.

The high contrast between water and steam allows gauges to be stacked on top of one another without concern for blind spots between gauges. Recessed gasket surfaces in both the cover and body facilitate glass and gasket alignment and also help prevent gasket blowout. Belleville spring washers maintain constant gasket loading under thermal and pressure cycles.


1000T High Pressure Flatglass Gauge Small Image1000T High Pressure Flatglass Gauge

Aquarian 1000T High Pressure Flatglass Gauge is rated for 1000psi (69Bar) and is structurally designed with a thicker and wider body to resist deflection. The design meets the most recent changes of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, which no longer permits the use of cross webbing. Belleville spring washers maintain constant gasket loading under thermal and pressure cycles.

Precision tempered and ground Borosilicate glass provides high strength and clear visibility, while mica shields protect the glass from the effects of erosion for an extended service life.


Visual Gauge Small Image

Visual Gauge, commonly referred to as a Sight Glass or Level Gauge, is the only technology available to provide “Direct” indication of steam drum water level thus satisfying the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements.





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